Japanese Street food okonomiyaki takoyaki blog near me japan netflix restaurant price
Japanese Street food okonomiyaki takoyaki blog near me japan netflix restaurant price

5 Famous Street Food in Japan

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Vacation in Japan? But afraid of wasteful because the food is expensive? Here are some popular restaurant references, and some popular souvenir shops and Famous Street Food in Japan

1. Ameya Yokocho Ueno

Ameyoko is one of the famous street food areas in Tokyo. It is located between Okachimachi and Ueno stations on the JR Yamanote Line line. This area is famous as the kitchen of Tokyo people. Here we can not only eat food at a cheap price, we can also find typical food abroad, as well as halal restaurants. So make friends who are anxious how to eat during the holidays in Japan, just relax! Just stop by here, guaranteed you will be full and excited to continue your holiday in Japan.

Some say that Ameyoko stands for American Yokocho or the American alley, since there have been many American and American products in the area. Now this place becomes the people’s market, we can find stalls selling fresh fish, spices, dried fruits, Snacks from all over the world, clothes, bags and shoes-cheap shoes.

2. Nijo Market

Nijo Market is located at the eastern end of Tanukikoji shopping centre. Nijo Market is the most famous traditional market in Sapporo. The main products sold here are seafood such as various types of fish, crabs, oysters, squid, sea cucumber, and others. The history of the market started around 1880, when the Meiji Empire built a buying and selling place to facilitate fishermen from Ishikari and Otaru to sell their catches to the residents of Sapporo. As time goes by, this market continues to grow into the center of buying and selling fish and seafood for the people of Sapporo. If you go to Sapporo there is no harm to us playing in this market, and of course we can eat fresh Hokkaido seafood with cheap price

3. Omoide Yokocho

Omoide Yokocho is a narrow alley in the western part of Shinjuku station. If we walk from the direction of Yodobashi camera or Bic camera leads West, lead Seibu Shinjuku Station or Kabukicho, therefore the narrow alley on the roadside is Omoide Yokocho or the alley of the past.

I do not know why this alley mentioned Omoide Yokocho. Maybe this alley is seen like past alleys of some workers who had a lot of eating around Shinjuku Station. After Shinjuku Station was restored to the shopping center, the alley is still preserved and is called the Alley of the past.

The popular culinary of Omoide Yokocho is the chicken satay or Yakotori. There are more than 60 restaurant stalls selling yakitori with prices really reachable. One thing that needs to be seen is the general restaurant as well as walking around this narrow alley and selling liquor. So, for you who vacation to Japan along with some children, it is better not here.

4. Nishiki Market

Kyoto has a popular spot called Nishiki market. Nishiki market is divided into more than 100 kiosks as well as several shops. Because it is very large, often called the kitchen of Kyoto. Located near the same downtown Gion, near the same Gion-Shijo train station on the Keihan Railway (connecting Kyoto and Osaka) and Kawaramachi station (which connects Gion and Arashiyama).

If You want to visit tourist attractions in early morning Kyoto and to Arashiyama, Nishiki market can make choices for lunch. The place that is one way, the prices of food that really reachable, must be really efficient and economical for the colleagues who want to economical cost.

5. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji fish market is used as a reference for tourist attractions that must be visited in Tokyo, because it can taste sashimi, sushi, and other culinary specialties of the sea at bargain prices. In fact this market is really crowded, and very difficult to come if present together with several children and families.

You may often read about fish auctions, but to participate is quite difficult because you have to register first and be present early in the morning.
To deal with this, we recommend staying overnight in hotels around Ginza or Tsukiji to be there on time.


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