top 30 tourist attractions in japan tokyo favorite place things to do in october map
top 30 tourist attractions in japan tokyo favorite place things to do in october map

5 Free Tourist Attractions in Japan

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Many say that Japan is one of the most expensive countries. However, apparently vacationing to Japan does not necessarily have to be expensive. Try visiting a free Japanese tour that offers so much awesome charm. It’s a good cost to be on vacation to this cherry country you need a pretty big fee. From flight tickets, lodging, to tasting various types of culinary tourism, it sometimes likes to drain the wallet. If you have been in Japan, of course you need to be more clever in choosing the tourist spots. Not all locations in Japan require that you pay a fortune to enjoy the tour.

1. Ueno Park

A destination that is always crowded by tourists. Ueno Park cannot be missed! Located in Ueno area, Taito-ku district, Tokyo. This place is very easy to reach. One of the most famous destinations among tourists has a variety of beautiful trees and flowers.

Ueno Park Tokyo Walks
Ueno Park Tokyo

If you visit Ueno Park, you can see a garden with approximately 10,000 trees and also 1,200 cherry blossom trees in it. But not only that, there are still a lot of beautiful trees that decorate Ueno park. Here, you can enjoy recreation and accompanied by the beauty of the blooming cherry blossoms.
The access to Ueno Park is quite easy. You can start from Shinjuku and choose the JR Yamanote line to Ueno station. Not far from there, you only need about 25 minutes to get to Ueno Park. So easy?! Well! This free Japanese sightseeing spot (Tourist Attractions in Japan) is a must-visit when on vacation.

2. Hachiko Statue

Who the heck doesn’t know about Hachiko? Statue located in Shibuya, precisely opposite this station you can meet and do not forget to take pictures in front of the statue. Hachiko is the most popular dog in Japan, even the world. The known dog is always faithful to wait for the employer at the station. This is also what makes the statue of Hachiko preserved and now can be enjoyed by tourists if they are in Japan.

Hachiko  Tokyo's Most Famous Statue
Hachiko Tokyo’s Most Famous Statue

3. Dotonbori Osaka

If you are visiting Osaka, don’t forget to visit Dotonbori. Despite not having a specific tourist spot, in fact the location of this one is always crowded with tourists. Some of the tourists who capture their photographs on a bridge set in a large billboard.

Dotonbori Area in Osaka  Access and Tourist Attractions
Dotonbori Area in Osaka Access and Tourist Attractions

In addition, there are beautiful canals with boats that can be enjoyed by the tourists. Another thing you need to know is that, if you want to get around on a canal boat, you won’t be charged.

4. Tokyo Imperial Palace

If you have satisfied spinning all day but it is less complete if you don’t visit Tokyo Imperial Palace. This palace that has been established since hundreds of years ago has a very strategic location.

Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace

Located in the heart of Tokyo, to be able to visit the palace you only need to walk about 10 minutes long from Tokyo station. For you selfie fans, this area is very suitable for you to make your favorite photo spot. Oh Yes, for those of you who want to watch the Emperor of Japan, can come to the Tokyo Imperial Palace on the 23rd of December, and the 2nd of January. Although this place is not charged though, in fact you have to make a reservation on the official site in advance yes. Happy Holidays!

5. Asakusa Tokyo

Asakusa is the most popular area and is always crowded with tourists. Asakusa Tokyo offers a complete and fun free Japanese tour. It is not only to visit the temples, but you can also enjoy Japanese food, shopping and other activities.

10 Must see Places in Asakusa Tokyo
Asakusa Tokyo

Another fun thing is that you can see the giant red Lantern at the entrance gate of Asakusa and take a picture there. Don’t forget to visit Sensoji Temple, which has been around since 941 as one of the oldest temples in Tokyo, Japan.
Now you don’t have to worry about finding free and interesting tourist objects that are in Japan! For you who don’t have an airplane ticket to Japan, let’s go! Just check out the ticket promo here. Happy Holiday!!


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