Attraction japan in winter travel intenerary snow tokyo tour blog january tips
Attraction japan in winter travel intenerary snow tokyo tour blog january tips

5 Tourist Attractions in Japan During Winter

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Japan is one of the countries that has four seasons. Sapporo City is one of the tourism area in the north of Japan, thus the area is experiencing four seasons in one year. Sapporo city itself is popular with festivals and tourist destinations for its winters. It’s natural if the city is one of the destinations to enjoy snow.
In winter holidays, Japan is one of the tourist destinations that are the target of foreign tourists. There, tourists can enjoy a variety of winter games such as skiing or snowboard or even just enjoy the atmosphere. Not only that, Japan provides some tourism objects that can be visited as winter markers have come.
There are many excellent illuminations in Tokyo. Illumination is a the flickering light decoration that is arranged along the road or trees. The illumination ornaments are a unique attraction to enjoy when winter comes.
Here are the recommendations Tourist Attractions in Japan.

1. Caretta Shiodome Winter Illuminations

The illumination ornament is beautifully arranged in the Charetta building courtyard, in the Shiodome area. In each of these, the illumination takes on unique and different themes each year. There are times when using the navy blue theme, until the decorative lamp that is arranged describe the atmosphere of the sea with a special blue color.

Furthermore, it has also taken special themes such as The Disney fairy tale The Beauty and The Beast, which gives a backdrop to the fairy tale atmosphere in winter. It is opened in the evening before the evening around 17.00 to 23.00 pm. Not only that, specifically every 15 minutes, this place will play an animated snippet of the theme taken, such as excerpts from The movie “The beauty and The Beast”.

2. Roppongi’s Winter Illuminations

Roppongi is a small town located in the center of Tokyo. The area is famous for its office areas. Even so, not to be missed this place has a winter illumination that is no less interesting. In the past year at 2017 this place took the Teme “Roppongi Hills Aerelligent Christmas 2017”. It has a built-in decorative decoration in the street of belief Iza-Doori at Mori Garden Roppongi. The combination of the built-in decorative lamps looks so beautiful and pampering the eyes of visitors.

To be able to visit this place, selected access is also very easy and can be reached by the Roppongi subway station. This illumination is followed because there is a Christmas Market as with the atmosphere in European countries and open from 25 November to 25 December.

3. Sapporo Festival

Sapporo, a small town in Hokaido, is popular with its winter destinations. In this place, you can find a scattered winter festival in Japan. This destival lasts for 7 full days. There are various things that tourists can do when visiting this festival.

You can enjoy culinary tours while looking at the diverse forms of ice. Various forms of sculpture made of ice, arranged neatly from the smallest size to a very large size. You can enjoy this festival in the first two weeks of February every year.

4. Gala Yuzawa

The sport that is perfectly suited to the winter atmosphere is skiing. In the winter of Japan, this sport became one of the idol sports to do. Generally some people will visit Hokkaido, because the place is famous for its clothes. The Hokaido itself is synonymous with Ski Restort. If you don’t want to be too far away with Tokyo you can visit Gala Yuzawa.

In this place you can enjoy a ski area of 1181 m to 358m. You can take an elevator or cable car to the desired ski pass area. At Gala Yuzawa Festival in winter, there are events launching various fireworks. The beam of light from the fireworks will certainly spoil the eyes with the reflection of the surrounding snow.

5. Winter Festival in Shirakawago Village

As one of the world Heritage Sites in Japan, this area is one of the largest rainfall in Japan. In winter, most of the village area is covered with dense snow.

Fluorescent lights from each home will produce interesting colourful ornaments to be enjoyed. Many tourists come to this place to enjoy the snow view from the top of the hill. Therefore, the advantage of winter tourism in this place is on its tourism village. Such things are seen from a variety of traditional houses that serve as lodging and the number of souvenir shops in the vicinity.


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