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Car has become a popular means of transportation nowadays as more and more people can afford to buy one. However, as security and high accident rates become a concern, there is a growing need for a comprehensive car insurance that can provide protection against potential risk of loss/theft and collision/accident.

Coverage Highlights Car Insurance

Features and Benefits

Key Benefits

  1. Fast claims process and services
  2. Towing services by friendly and standby officers
  3. Repairing works by professionals in the qualified workshops with original spare parts and 1 year quality assurance work* Terms, conditions, exclusions and restrictions applied, please refer to the policy you have.

Coverage Type

  1. Combined Coverage (Comprehensive) Provide a guarantee against loss or damage to the motor vehicle and or interest insured, either in part or in whole, which are directly caused by:
    • Collision, impact, reverse, slip or fall.
    • Evil deeds
    • Fire:  fire due to other nearby objects or storage of motor vehicles, fire caused by lightning strikes, damage due to water and or other tools that are used to prevent or extinguish fires, whole or partial destruction of motor vehicles on the orders of the authorities in efforts to prevent the fire spreading.
    • Loss / theft in part or in total, including theft preceded or accompanied or followed by violence or threat of violence
  2. Total Loss Only (Total Loss Only – TLO)
    Provide a guarantee against losses if the insured vehicle suffered a total loss, as a result of risk – the risk that secured on collateral in the Combined Coverage (Comprehensive) with a total loss vehicle records that include:
    • Actual Total Loss (Actual Total Loss – ATL) that in the case of vehicles lost and not found within 60 days from the date of loss.
    • Constructive Total Loss (Constructive Total Loss – CTL) that in the case of a vehicle damaged to the estimated cost of repair is 75% or more of the price of the motor vehicle market.

Expansion of the guarantee can be given

  1. Riot, Strikes, Civil Commotion, Terrorism, Sabotage
  2. Third Party Liability up to IDR50,000,000- for each incident or during the insurance period for each vehicle
  3. Passenger Legal Liability up to IDR50,000,000- for each passenger
  4. Personal Accident for driver and/or passenger up to IDR50,000,000- for each person 
  5. Flood, Typhoon, Storm, Landslide & Subsidence
  6. Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption & Tsunami
  7. Use of Authorized Workshop
  8. 24 hours towing service throughout Indonesia due to accident
  9. 24 hours towing service in Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi for non-accident via Chubb Auto Assist

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