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Business Interruption Insurance: Cost, Coverage & Providers

Business interruption insurance (BII), sometimes called business income insurance, pays for a business’s lost income if the owners need to pause operations due to a covered event sort of a fire. Most insurers include BII in their business owner’s policies (BOPs), which usually cost between $500 to $3,000 per annum , counting on your industry.

How Business Interruption Insurance Works

Business income coverage is merely triggered by the events covered by your commercial property insurance like fire, vandalism, burst pipes, and windstorms. Events not covered by your property insurance, like earthquakes and floods, aren’t covered by your business interruption insurance. Moreover, many insurers specifically exclude pandemics from coverage. How insurers will treat the continued COVID-19 pandemic is unclear.

The most common way for little business owners to urge business income insurance is during a business owner’s policy or commercial package policy. Some owners may prefer to add business interruption as a rider to their commercial property policy. Standalone policies are rare, but you’ll be ready to purchase one through surplus lines brokers.

What Business Interruption Insurance Covers

Business interruption insurance is usually called business income insurance because it replaces the income your business would have earned if the damage to your property had not occurred. this sort of insurance typically covers:

  • Lost profits
  • Employee’s wages
  • Loan payments
  • Temporary relocation costs
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Taxes
  • The cost of coaching employees on new equipment
  • Expenses over normal operating costs like renting equipment

Policies vary but, generally , your insurer pays for these losses if you’ve got to shut your business temporarily due to physical damage covered by your property insurance. for instance , let’s say there’s a fireplace in your store. Fire is nearly always covered by commercial property, in order that policy pays for repairs. Unfortunately, the damage also makes it unsafe for people to enter. Business income insurance helps you cover your lost revenue, pay your employees and, sometimes, even temporarily buy a replacement location.

What Business Interruption Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Business interruption insurance doesn’t buy every cost your recovering business may incur. Therefore, it’s essential to stay these exclusions in mind when applying for your policy:

Utility bills that are not any longer being charged to you during the temporary closure of your business thanks to damage or destruction of your property
Interruptions caused by a utility’s failure to supply services
Income that isn’t documented in your financial records or that’s above the income cap on your policy; however, you would like to stay this in mind as your business grows; you would possibly only have $50,000 in revenues in year one but grow to $500,000 by year five
Changes in market conditions or economic activity
Losses caused by events excluded from your property insurance like floods and earthquakes

Business Income Insurance and COVID-19

Whether or not business income insurance covers losses thanks to COVID-19 may be a complicated issue. Insurers point to policy language that needs “direct physical loss” to the business property. Moreover, many insurers specifically excluded viruses and diseases after a previous SARS outbreak.

Business owners, however, may have a couple of things working for them. First, courts have disagreed with insurers on strict interpretation of the policy language and have a tendency to side with business owners when the road is murky. Additionally, many nations are considering laws to force insurers to pay COVID-19 losses, including ny , New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Ohio. However, insurance organizations just like the American Property Casualty Insurance Association and therefore the National Association of Insurance Commissions have released statements opposing these laws.

If you think you’ve got a legitimate claim for business income coverage, then your initiative should be to speak to your lawyer. Insurers and agents are required to affect you in straightness , but they’ll not be up so far on all the problems regarding COVID-10 coverage. Your lawyer can review your policy to ascertain if you’ve got a case.

Who Needs Business Interruption Insurance?

Businesses that believe physical locations and assets, like equipment or machinery, should have business interruption insurance. for instance , retail stores, hair salons, and restaurants all need their buildings to work and generate revenue. Without business income insurance, many of those businesses would permanently pack up after a fireplace , hailstorm, or other covered event caused a disruption in their operations.


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