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Car insurance is an insurance that provides motor vehicle protection benefits for comfort of driving. Nowadays, especially in big cities, car insurance (Asuransi Mobil) is already a staple needs that are difficult to not be met. The question is, how to choose the best car insurance, which is cheap premium, affordable car insurance costs, extensive protection and nice workshop network. I did a review and comparison of car insurance AXA, Allianz and MNC, to find the best car insurance in Indonesia 2019.

We all must have had a ribetnya in case of car ceremonial or worse collision. Surely the mouth is amazing, make up the blood, not to mention the expenditure of funds for the cost of repairs that often the number is difficult to guess.

Therefore, having car insurance (Asuransi Mobil) is important to many people. Not only when you have a new car, but when you buy a used car.

Car insurance provides replacement protection in the event of a risk of accident or loss of motor vehicle that provides convenience for users.

Peace of mind!

But, choosing the best car insurance (asuransi Mobil), is not an easy thing because customers like buying ‘ cats in bags ‘. Buy first, pay the insurance premium first, out the cost of the car insurance first, just then know how to experience in making a claim.

About car insurance, which is important include:

First, do not focus only to the premium, Jang only to the price of car insurance, but the comparison of premiums with car insurance benefits.

Focus only on cheap car insurance prices turned out to be not always precise.

Initially I just select the cheap car insurance premiums, which turns out the moment of claim, difficult to ask forgiveness. Not to mention, because of the cheap car insurance (asuransi Mobil) premiums, many vehicles do not cover.

Secondly, pay attention to the costs yourself that you have to pay when car insurance claims. I am often unaware of this cost and the origin of the claim, so when making a claim, the cost I have to pay itself is quite large.

Third, when applying for insurance, the condition of the car should be considered well because the condition is used as a base for the car insurance (asuransi Mobil)company when receiving claims. Pre-existing damage conditions cannot be claimed into car insurance.

Fourth, the period of automobile insurance companies give Jor-Joran the promo is over, now the company is more cautious-hearted and not a price war premium. Therefore, as the owner of the vehicle, I have to be careful in using the vehicle because if often claims then next year the premium will certainly rise due to high risk claims.

Car Insurance Features
When taking car insurance, I was faced with many features. In the past, I took all the features offered, thinking everything was important, consequently the premium price so high.

The insurer will likely encourage you to take all car insurance features. Because the premium is so bigger and it’s more profitable.

Since then, I’ve learned nicely – both the features offered and the Choose which features I want to take. So, not all of the features I take. I can save money on car insurance premiums.

Here are the features you need to pay attention to in the car insurance policy, when choosing car insurance:

Total Loss Only (TLO)
Total Loss Only (TLO) is a type of car insurance that provides car insurance coverage with compensation if the vehicle suffered damage of more than 75 percent.

The damage value indicates that the condition of the vehicle is completely no longer usable. Disrepair!

The insurance will later reimburse the entire cost of vehicle repairs back to the original. In addition to the expense of damages compensation, TLO car insurance also bears the loss of vehicles due to theft.

But, this is to be understood, if the damage level is below 75 percent, the insurance claim is definitely rejected. For example, you cannot claim for a beret, or any other damage where the car condition can still be used.

The good news, TLO Insurance Premium is the least inexpensive car. Premium value 1 percent of the vehicle price.

All Risk Car Insurance
All Risk car insurance is an insurance that bears indemnification/repair costs if the vehicle is experiencing partial or total loss/damage due to risks guaranteed in the policy.

From the name, insurance all risk car, the risk of collision, scratched, collisions, upside down, slipping, mired, traffic accidents, malicious deeds, theft, deprivation, or fire, all borne by this type of car insurance.

Generally, all risk insurance is chosen by many people due to the most widespread coverage. Suitable for you with high mobility, for example in a big city.

However, all risk car insurance premiums are more expensive than TLO. All risk car insurance costs are higher. Because this type of insurance protects more risk than TLO.


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