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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete

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Director: Tetsuya Nomura, Takeshi Nozue
Producer: Yoshinori Kitase, Shinji Hashimoto
Production: Square Enix, Sony Picture
Year: 2005

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (ファイナルファンタジーVII アドベントチルドレン, Fainaru Fantajī Sebun Adobento Chirudoren) is a 3D computer animated film adapted from the highly successful PlayStation game, Final Fantasy VII. The film with a budget of US $ 100 million and has a duration of 101 minutes, takes place after 2 years of events in the Final Fantasy VII game.

In the post-disaster world of recovery, the adventures of the main protagonist Cloud Strife to uncover the causes of a mysterious plague named Geostigma that spread throughout the planet Gaia.

Received the Honorary Maria Award at the International de Cinema de Cataluña Festival on October 15, 2005, and was given a PG-13 rating in the United States by the Motion Picture Association of America for “science fiction action scenes with violent elements”, although the film was never shown in American cinema.

Synopsis of The Final Fantasy Advent Children VII

Two years after the events in the Final Fantasy VII game, recovery of damage to the planet Gaia, due to the Meteor which almost destroyed the planet began to be pursued. Midgar residents who managed to survive, founded a new city outside the city of Midgar, named Edge.

logo final fantasy advent children
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

However, the emergence of a disease called Geostigma (星 痕 症侯群, Seikon Shōkōgun, Planet Wound Syndrome), made the inhabitants of the planet Gaia suffer, due to its rapid spread, especially children who are most vulnerable to the dangerous disease.

After his battle with Sephiroth, Cloud Strife set up an expedition business, named “Strife Delivery Service”, assisted by Tifa Lockhart. Marlene Wallace (adopted son of Barret Wallace), was entrusted to Cloud and Tifa, and an orphan named “Denzel” was with them.

They all lived on Edge, in a bar that had just been founded by Barret, Cloud, and Tifa (they agreed to name it Seventh Heaven, like the name of Tifa’s bar that had been destroyed before). Unfortunately, Cloud and Denzel are among the many Geostigma sufferers.

Because of this, he felt unable to protect the people he loved, then Cloud alienated himself. He wants to escape from his guilt.

final fantasy vii advent children cloud strife a man yelllow hair ride motorcycle using sword
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

A group of Turks who are searching for “Jenova’s head” in the Northern Crater are attacked by a mysterious enemy. The only survivor of the attack was Reno, who managed to find the “Jenova head” they were looking for, as well as taking him to Rufus Shinra’s place. While the remaining two people, namely Tseng and Elena, were caught by a mysterious flock.

Cloud is attacked by three mysterious silver-haired people who want to find out the whereabouts of their “Mother”. When Cloud began to be pressured due to a relapse of his Geostigma, he almost died when he was attacked by Shadow Creeper. The leader of the attacker gave a signal to stop the attack, then just left because he still had other duties.

Cloud fulfills a call from Rufus, leader of the Shin-Ra Company, hoping to get information about the attacker. During the meeting, Rufus admitted that he was responsible for the damage in the world, and asked Cloud to be a bodyguard to protect him from the three silver-haired young men led by Kadaj.

Cloud refused, then left. Kadaj also broke into Rufus ‘rehabilitation site, and immediately paralyzed Rufus’ two bodyguards easily. Kadaj wanted to ask Rufus where exactly his mother was. The “mother” in question is the remains of Jenova, which is related to the spread of the Geostigma outbreak.

He also informed that he and his two brothers, Yazoo and Loz – all of whom were “part” of Sephiroth’s soul and will – were planning a Reunion that would bring disaster to Planet Gaia.

Yazoo and his siblings began to gather children who were infected by Geostigma, as well as find out their mother’s whereabouts. Loz, who happened to come to Aerith Gainsborough’s church, fought with Tifa, who was with Marlene waiting for Cloud to arrive there. Tifa lost by Loz’s Limit Break technique.

Then Loz brought Cloud and Marlene’s Materia to the Ancients City, where Kadaj and his siblings gathered Geostigma-infected children (including Denzel, and uninfected Marlene). Cloud tries to help the children, but fails, he is saved by Vincent Valentine.

Vincent tells Cloud what the mysterious are looking for and that could lead to Sephiroth’s return. He also explained that Geostigma is caused by the immune effect of someone who works to counteract the influence of Jenova cells. Vincent has also rescued Tseng and Elena who were captured by the Kadaj gang in the Northern Crater.

tifa lockhart final fantasy vii advent children a girl with black hair wearing black clothes
Tifa Lockhart

After a long time of thinking and understanding by Marlene (she managed to escape from the Kadaj group). Cloud, who had been conscious of his mistake all this time, agreed to return to Edge and with confidence he was determined to face Kadaj in battle.

The next day, in the city of Edge, the three silver-haired criminals began to mess up the city. Yazoo called “Shadow Creeper”, while Kadaj called “Bahamut SIN / SHIN”. With the help of other Final Fantasy VII members (Tifa, Barret, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Yuffie Kisaragi, Cid Highwind, and Vincent).

Reno and Rude try to defuse the situation, until finally Cloud arrives, and simultaneously faces Yazoo, Loz, and the creatures that appear in battle. Through teamwork, Cloud defeated all the monsters.

When Kadaj was watching the battle in a building not far from the battle area, Rufus showed Kadaj that it had been Rufus who had carried the remains of Jenova in a box. Then Rufus just threw the box from the edge of the building upstairs where they were.

Kadaj immediately jumped to reach the box, even though he managed to grab it, the bullet that Rufus fired repeatedly, finally hit the box, thus damaging its contents. Before Kadaj could see the contents of the box, he saw Cloud in the distance, chasing him with his Fenrir motorbike.

Kadaj and his two brothers immediately boarded their motorbike and chasing ensued on the multi-storey highway that was being renovated. In this pursuit, Yazoo and Loz are defeated by Cloud, they still insist on chasing after their weapons have been destroyed, this results in them being hit by a bomb blast mounted by Reno and Rude.

Final fantasy VII advent Children complete sephiroth a white hair versus cloud strife using sword
Sephiroth versus Cloud

The chase between Cloud and Kadaj continued until they took them to the Midgar ruins, through Aerith’s old church, where Kadaj could see the contents of the box. He cried and screamed when he saw the contents of the box containing the remnants of Jenova that had been damaged, due to Rufus’s shot.

Then because of Kadaj’s Materia attack on the church floor, a swift flow of water emerged, which was a manifestation of the Lifestream that healed Cloud from the Geostigma disease lodged in his left arm. Because, this water serves to eliminate Jenova cells and all kinds of evil elements. Kadaj who was hit by this water splash immediately ran away towards the center of the city of Midgar.

With the healing of Cloud from Geostigma, he was able to compete with Kadaj in a one-on-one battle, and defeated Kadaj with one of his Limit Break techniques, Finishing Touch.

When the battle was almost over, Kadaj made Cloud cut the box containing the remains of Jenova, which were then absorbed by the body of Kadaj. Before Cloud could prevent him, Kadaj had turned into his mortal enemy, Sephiroth.

After going through a very fierce battle, Cloud loses, and Sephiroth asks what is most valuable to him, so that he gets pleasure by removing him from this world. Those words made Cloud angry and said that everything in this world was precious to him.

Cloud separates his combination sword, First Tsurugi (First Sword) into six separate swords, with the six swords, Cloud launches a new Limit Break, which is named Choukyuu Bushin Hakazan Version 5 (the English version can be called Omnislash Version Five), a variation of Limit Break the strongest Cloud in the Final Fantasy VII game, and immediately defeat Sephiroth.

Sephiroth disappears, leaving Kadaj whose body is weakened. At that time Aerith’s spirit began to spread the healing rain (Great Gospel), which healed all sufferers of Geostigma, including Rufus. Then Aerith asked Kadaj to rest, and believing that the voice of Aerith he heard was the voice of “Mother”, he volunteered to be carried away by the Lifestream.

Final fantasy advent children all character
Character Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Before they could celebrate this victory, Cloud was shot from behind by Yazoo who was with Loz, who was being eroded by the healing rain. Yazoo and Loz prepared one last shot of Materia energy for Cloud, resulting in a huge explosion that wiped out their bodies while hurting Cloud.

Cloud is built in Aerith’s old church, surrounded by friends and residents of Edge. Everyone is happy for this victory. Cloud then sees Aerith talking to small children.

Then Aerith walked toward the exit, turned around and said, that Cloud was fine, then he and his lover, Zack, stepped into the bright white light. Cloud smiled, while saying, he was not alone anymore.


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