Lyric Ocean side – Momoko Kikuchi & English Translation

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Ocean side – Momoko Kikuchi

Today we bring to you the Ocean side of Momoko Kikuchi (菊池桃子) with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Besides that, you can also read the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watch the music video.

Song information

  • Song’s Orginal Name: Ocean side
  • Song’s Romaji Name: Ocean side
  • Singer: Momoko Kikuchi (菊池桃子)

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji)

銀色ぎんいろ 光るひかるつばさ
Gin’iro ni hikaru tsubasa ga

ガラス越しごし むねの中なか reflex
Garasu-goshi mune no naka reflex

Hon ni hasanda chiketto

Minamikaze o izanau

Have a nice 口笛くちぶえ
Have a naisu kuchibue

Your mind ときめくメロディ
Your mind tokimeku merodi

去年きょねんよく 夕闇ゆうやみの中なか twilight time
Kyonen yoku yūyami no naka twilight time

「aqua city」 聴きききながら driving feel so eyes
`aqua city’ kikinagara driving fīru so eyes

Tomodachi to shūmatsu

Umi e iku anata o

A few to the time 淋しくさびしく
A few to the time samishiku

All the time ひとりでみてた
All the time hitori de miteta

Fly me to the blue なつのフレーム
Fly me to the blue natsu no furēmu

こころまで ocean side
Kokoro made ocean saido

いま くもの上うえ そう歩いあるいている気分きぶん so anymore
Ima kumonoue sō aruite iru kibun so anymore

ホライズン 創るつくるすき間すきま shining eyes
Horaizun tsukuru sukima ni shining eyes

姿すがた消すけす あなたはsunset still believe
Sugata kesu anata wa sunset still believe

Hiite yuku nami sae

Mata irie ni kaeru

All the time なぎさ
All the time nagisa de

Your mind 静かしずかに待つまつ
Your mind shizuka ni matsuwa

白いしろいchair 引き寄せひきよせた時とき
Shiroi chair hikiyoseta toki

わたしまで ocean side
Watashi made ocean saido

いま 気づいきづいたの 言葉ことばじゃなくて あいのemotion
Ima kidzuita no kotoba janakute ai no emōshon

English translation

Silver sparkling wings are
Crossing the glass; A reflex in your heart
A tightly gripped ticket
The south wind beckons

Have a nice whistle
Your mind, a fluttering melody
Last year’s desires in the dusk, Twilight time
Driving while listening to “Aqua City”, feel so fine

Spending a weekend with friends,
You’re heading to the sea
A few to the time, lonely
All the time, Trying it out solo

Fly me to the blue, Summer flame
As far as my heart, Ocean side
Now, on top of the clouds, The feeling of walking just like this, so anymore
Shining eyes in the crevice made by the horizon

You’re a disappearing sunset, still believe
Even the receding waves
Return to the bay again
All the time at the water’s edge

Your mind is quietly waiting!
When you pulled that white chair
Toward me, ocean side
I immediately realized it wasn’t just words, it was the emotion of love

Fly me to the blue
Fly me to the blue


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