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  • 5 Free Tourist Attractions in Japan

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    Many say that Japan is one of the most expensive countries. However, apparently vacationing to Japan does not necessarily have to be expensive. Try visiting a free Japanese tour that offers so much awesome charm. It’s a good cost to be on vacation to this cherry country you need a pretty big fee. From flight […]

  • 5 Tourist Attractions in Japan During Winter

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    Japan is one of the countries that has four seasons. Sapporo City is one of the tourism area in the north of Japan, thus the area is experiencing four seasons in one year. Sapporo city itself is popular with festivals and tourist destinations for its winters. It’s natural if the city is one of the […]

  • 5 Choices of Tourist Attractions in Osaka Japan

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    Osaka, one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. Not only for shopping and leisure, recreation to this well-known city can also improve knowledge. Osaka is a popular tourist destination with many people besides Tokyo and Kyoto. If Tokyo is the center of Japan’s government, Osaka is its business center. Osaka has developed as a city […]

  • Lake Ashinoko

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    Lake Ashinoko ( Ashinoko Lake) or Lake Ashi is formed by the result of the eruption of the Hakone mountain which occurred about 3000 years ago. Now, Lake Ashinoko with the background of Mount Fuji to become the symbol of Hakone is famous as a tourist attraction to the foreign country. The water is clear […]

  • 5 Famous Street Food in Japan

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    Vacation in Japan? But afraid of wasteful because the food is expensive? Here are some popular restaurant references, and some popular souvenir shops and Famous Street Food in Japan 1. Ameya Yokocho Ueno Ameyoko is one of the famous street food areas in Tokyo. It is located between Okachimachi and Ueno stations on the JR […]

  • Top Tourist Attractions in Japan (Part 1)

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    Japan is a large country that has an advanced culture. The people are famous for their seriousness in everything. This can be seen from the work of his people who can explore every country in the world. Their products are in all countries, ranging from household products, cooking utensils, motor vehicles, cars and so on. […]

  • Japan Tour – Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) Kyoto

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    Kinkakuji (金閣寺, golden Structure) could be a Zen sanctuary in northern kyoto whose main 2 stories arcompletely shrouded in gold foil. formallycalled Rokuonji, the sanctuary was the retirement manor of the dictatorAshikaga Yoshimitsu, and as indicated by his can it become a Zen sanctuary of the Rinzai organization once his passing in 1408. Kinkakuji was the motivation for the relatively named Ginkakuji (Silver Structure), worked by Yoshimitsu’s grandchild, Ashikaga Yoshimasa, on the otheraspect of the townone or two of decades later.  About […]