The Best Place in Asakusa

The Best Place in Asakusa

Representing a combination of ancient and fashionable aspect of tokyo. Asakusa is home to Tokyo’s oldest temple “Sensoji” and also the center of downtown district of the town. still as historical sights and unhappy vibes, you’llextend your day-trip to the brilliant Yeddo Skytree simply. Here area unit best things to try and do and see at Asakusa space, Tokyo in 2019!

1. Info Centre

Once you reach Asakusa, go visit Asakusa Culture traveler info Center for commercial enterprise info. furthermore as steerage in Japanese,English,Chinese and Korean, they provide free local area network and use of net computer. The eight storied building includes a restaurant, exhibition area and additionally the observation deck on seventh floor with an excellent overlook read of Nakamise Street and Sensoji Temple.
Access: :1 min walk from Asakusa Station Exit two
Hours: 9:00~20:00 (observation deck till 22:00)

Asakusa Tourist Information Center Asakusa Tokyo Japan
Asakusa Tourist Information Center Asakusa Tokyo Japan

2. Nakamise Street

Nakamise could be a little street connecting the front gate and therefore the main hall of Sensoji temple. This little street is packed with native retailers and food stalls and it’s a good place to style native flavour.

Atami Nakamise shopping street tokyo japan
Atami Nakamise shopping street tokyo japan

3. Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree may be a new must-visit place in Yedo these days. The new image of Yedo. The tallest building of the country and therefore the second within the world has been fascinating lots of tourists. fancy seeing the beautiful design style of the tower furthermore because the breathless over look read of Yedo and therefore the neighbour cities!

tokyo sky tree asakusa night japan
Tokyo Skytree

4. Hoppy Street

Hoppy Street is a famous drinking district where numbers of small Izakaya bars gather. The name of the street refer to the infamous alcohol beverage “hoppy” which you should definitely have a try!
Explore the nightlife of Asakusa by hopping 3 lively local food alley in the backstreets with local guide “Asakusa Night Foodie Tour” by Magical Trip is one of the most popular food tours in Tokyo today! Click the link below for more details!

hoppy street asakusa tokyo japan
hoppy street

5. Sumida Park

The pleasant park settled on Sumida stream, giving scenic read of Japanese capital’s downtown space as well as Tokyo Skytree. It’s one among best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo.Udon Making.

sumida park asakusa tokyo japan sakura
Sumida Park

6. Udon Making

There ar varied styles of preparation categories accessible in national capital these days, however this Udon creating category control in Asakusa space is one among the foremost distinctive and extraordinary for tourists! create ancient Japanese noodle, Udon from the scratch, style it with delicious dish toppings and additionally study Japanese culture with a friendly native teacher!

udon making asakusa tokyo japan
Udon Making

7. Sumo Morning Practice

The rassling district, Ryogoku is found next to Asakusa, and there square measure several rassling coaching rooms situated within the space wherever guests will enter and watch wrestlers’ morning practices.

Sumo Morning Practice tokyo japan

8. Rickshaw

Rickshaw is presumably the simplest thanks to explore this historic city of Tokyo! Ebisuya may be a long-established ricksha company organising every day tour around Asakusa neighbourhood.

Rickshaw asakusa tokyo japan

9. Hanayashiki

Hanayashiki is that the most historic amusement parks in Japan that originally opened as a flower park in 1853. guests will fancy retro and rustic attractions.

Hanayashiki asakusa tokyo japan

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