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Top Tourist Attraction in Japan

Top Tourist Attractions in Japan (Part 1)

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Japan is a large country that has an advanced culture. The people are famous for their seriousness in everything. This can be seen from the work of his people who can explore every country in the world. Their products are in all countries, ranging from household products, cooking utensils, motor vehicles, cars and so on.

Before we discuss further about the most famous tourist attractions in Japan, it’s good and it should tourists know the weather or climate conditions in Japan. Japan has 4 seasons where the change of seasons occurs every 3 months. These seasons will determine our visit in Japan later. There are spring (haru), summer (natsu), autumn (battery), and winter (fuyu). Usually spring will start around March.


These are some tourist attractions in Japan that must be visited in my opinion


Mount Fuji is a Japanese icon that must be visited, this mountain is the highest in Japan. Biasnaya Japanese films make Mount Fuji as a background that adds to the beauty of the background. This mountain is a tourist spot in Japan’s most famous and too bad to miss.

This mountain has an altitude of 3,776 meters (12,388 feet). An estimated 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji every year, 30% of whom are foreigners. This climb can take between three and eight hours while the descent can be taken from two to five hours. Mount Fuji is located between Yamanashi and Shizuoka and if it’s sunny, you can see it from Tokyo and Yokohama. Another way to enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji is to take a train between Tokyo and Osaka.

Mount fuji with sakura in japan view
Mount Fuji

To enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji up close, you can climb it. There are five beautiful lakes above an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level. The five lakes include Yamanakako, Motosuko, Saiko, Shojiko and Kawaguchiko.

In addition, there is a rest area, Fujigoko, which provides resorts, camping ground, fishing ponds, museums and also hot spring baths.


The next tourist spot in Japan is Harajuku which is famous as a place where fashion shops are quite crowded. Therefore we can easily find people with eccentric style in Harajuku.

harajuku japan in rainy day people wearing jacket and umbrella

Apart from being a fashion center in Harajuku there is also a city forest in which there is a temple named Meiji Jingu. This temple is also one of the destinations of both foreign and local tourists. Usually on Sundays this temple is used for wedding ceremonies by Japanese citizens and this is the main attraction for tourists.


Tourist attractions in Japan that we must visit next is Tokyo Skytree. Tokyo Skytree is one of the icons of Japan’s technological advances today. With a peak height reaching 634m which is the second highest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

tokyo skytree japan viewing from sky
Tokyo Skytree Japan

With these heights, of course we can freely see all parts of the Japanese capital. And to build Tokyo Skytree takes about 4 years, from 2007 to complete in 2011.


Another interesting historical building in Japan to visit, Senso-ji Temple or Kannon Asakusa Temple, located in Asakusa. This huge and beautiful temple is dominated by red paint and surrounded by lanterns hung above it.


On holidays this place is visited by many pilgrims. You can also follow the forecast, because it is said that the forecast at this temple is very accurate! In addition, you can also get a talisman to get a match.

If you want to find souvenirs, you can visit Nakamise Douri (Nakamise Shopping Street) near the main gate. On the 200-250 meters of streets there are many typical Japanese souvenir sellers.


Unique and interesting tourist attractions at night one of which is the Rainbow Bridge. This bridge connecting Kobe and Awaji, which is above the Akashi Strait, will bring colorful light every hour to be a reminder of time, and half an hour is displayed colorful on precious stones.

rainbow bridge beautiful night view in japan
Rainbow Bridge

And every January 17 this bridge will only emit white as a mourning commemorating the Hanshin Earthquake. With a length of 1990 meters, this bridge is one of the longest bridges in the world.


You want to feel watching 4D movies. Even if a 3D movie feels like it’s real, especially a 4D movie. You will feel shocks when swaying, gusts of wind, and so forth. Watching 4D movies is a tourist choice.

Universal studio japan world globe
Universal Studio

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka offers a variety of entertainment, ranging from attractions from Hollywood cinema, cinema (2D, 3D, even 4D), or you can just walk in a place that is very similar to the location of a film.


The beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan is indeed very extraordinary. When spring comes, these flowers will adorn the entire garden. One of the famous cherry blossom gardens in Japan is Ueno Park. To enjoy its beauty come March to May.

japan tokyo ueno park zoo sakura
Ueno Park

Ueno Park is indeed the most famous place and has become Japan’s most popular tourist location for doing hanami, which is a picnic while enjoying the blooming of cherry blossoms.


One more magnificent building in Japan that we must visit, Tokyo Imperial Palace. The palace functions as an administrative center and museum to display items of Japanese art and Japanese history.

tokyo imperial palace bridge castle
Tokyo Imperial Palace

The palace was built on the ruins of an old palace destroyed by fire or war, and the architect still respects the remnants of the palace’s past by incorporating design elements from different eras into the modern palace.

This new palace is surrounded by traditional Japanese gardens and has many activities and functions of space to receive guests and welcome the public and can also be made one of the Tourist Attractions in Japan worthy of being included in your list of visits later.


Building Todaiji Temple is one proof of the progress of Japanese architecture. The largest building in the world made of wood is also the largest house in the world for a bronze Buddha statue. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and wildlife, the Kegon School of Buddhism is also centered here and for a reason because it plays an important role for the many artifacts of Japanese and Buddhist history.

todaiji temple people walk around
Todaiji Temple

In this tourist spot in Japan, you can see deer that roam in the park, because these animals are allowed to roam freely on the grounds as a messenger of the Shinto gods. Todaiji Temple is one of the tourist destinations in Japan which is always crowded with tourists from various countries in the world.


Himeji Castle is a historical tourist spot in Japan that cannot be missed. This castle was originally made to fight the enemy during the feudal period, but has been renovated many times over the centuries and reflects different design periods. The castle survived the World War II bombings and the castle is often seen in domestic and foreign films, including the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice”. White exterior and castle design that resembles a bird that will fly.


This castle is now always visited by tourists for a vacation and enjoy the grandeur of the building and enjoy the scenery around it.

Those are some of the top tourist attractions in japan part 1. There are still a few places that we will review in part 2. See you later


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