ueno park zoo sakura 2019 cherry blossom itinerary tokyo station night
ueno park zoo sakura 2019 cherry blossom itinerary tokyo station night

Ueno Park : 5 Places that Must be Visited

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Even though it is a metropolitan city, in Tokyo we can find beautiful and maintained parks. And one of the very famous parks in Tokyo is Ueno Park. Ueno Park is in the Ueno area, Taito-ku district, Tokyo on the main train line in Tokyo. We can walk for about 5 minutes from Ueno Station to arrive at this park. Access is also very easy from Shinjuku or Tokyo Station. In addition to open land with dense trees as the lungs of the city, this park is also equipped with various public facilities that can be enjoyed by the public. Call it the Tokyo National Museum and the National Museum of Western Art found in the Ueno Park area.

In addition to the two museums there are still many other facilities available in Ueno Park, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the National Museum of Nature and Science, the International Library of Children’s Literature, the Shitamachi Museum, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, the Ueno Royal Museum, Sogakudo Concert Hall, and Tokyo University of the Arts.

Ueno Park is not only interesting because of the various facilities that can be found therein. This park is also stunning because of the lush shady trees and beautiful atmosphere. And most importantly, we can enter for free and enjoy the beauty of Ueno Park.

1. Cherry Blossom – Ueno Park In Tokyo Japan

This park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo with more than a thousand cherry blossom trees and is one of the favorite places to do hanami. Sakura trees are scattered in various places, including around Lake Shinobazu. Its easy access to reach from Tokyo and surrounding cities makes Ueno Park always crowded with visitors in the spring. But take it easy, starting at 5 pm until the evening, we can watch Yozakura (see cherry blossoms at night)

During the hanami season, Ueno Park is indeed very famous by the cherry blossom festival. The organizer installed more than 1000 lanterns and lights around the cherry blossom trees. The night sky with pink sakura reflected by lights is truly romantic.

2. Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum (東京 国立 博物館 Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan) is the oldest museum in Japan in Ueno Park, Tokyo. Founded in 1872, the organizer is the National Institute of Cultural Heritage (Kokuritsu Bunkazai Kikō).

The collection consists of cultural treasures in the form of art objects and archeological relics of Asia and Japan. The museum consists of 5 exhibition buildings: the main building (Japanese gallery), Tōyōkan (Asian gallery), Heiseikan (Japanese archeology), Hyōkeikan (special exhibition hall), Hōryū-ji heirloom gallery, and library building. The collection is more than 110,000 pieces, 87 of which are national treasures of Japan, and 610 important cultural relics.

Tokyo National Museum Honkan ueno park in tokyo popl sakura
Tokyo National Museum

3. Ueno Kaneiji Temple

During the Edo period Kaneiji temple is one of the largest and wealthiest shrines in the city and is a Buddhist temple in a quiet residential area on the north side of Ueno Park. Historically, Kaneiji had a very close relationship with the Tokugawa shogunate. The Tokugawa shogunate was a military government led by the Shogun of the Tokugawa family who ruled Japan between 1603 and 1867.

When the Tokugawa ruled Japan, Kaneji Temple became a large and powerful temple. But when the Tokugawa family’s power collapsed, Kaneji almost was completely destroyed. The temple of Kaneji was destroyed and damaged during the Boshin War, and remains of the original temple, such as Toshogu Shrine and the five-storey pagoda scattered around the park. Kaneiji is now a small temple located near the northwest corner of Tokyo’s Ueno Park.

ueno kaneiji temple pagoda
Kaneiji Temple

4. Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo (東京 都 恩賜 上 野 ō Tōkyō-to Onshi Ueno Dōbutsuen) is a zoo that is inside Ueno Park, Taitō district, Tokyo, Japan. First opened to the public on March 20, 1882, Ueno Zoo is the oldest zoo in Japan. This zoo has around 500 species of animals, with the main collection of rare animals such as the Sumatran tiger and Western Plain gorillas.

The owner of this zoo is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Previously managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Works Office, the management of the zoo was transferred to the Tokyo Zoo Association Foundation since April 1, 2006. In addition to the Ueno Zoo, other zoos managed by the Tokyo Zoo Association Foundation are the Tama Zoological Park, Tokyo Sea Life Park, and Inokashira Zoo

Monorail at Ueno Zoo
From Ueno Station, the Front Gate of the Ueno Zoo can be reached on foot for 5 minutes. The inside of the zoo is divided into two regions: West Zoo and East Zoo. Besides walking, visitors can ride a monorail that connects the Western Zoo and the Eastern Zoo. The Monorail at Ueno Zoo is the first monorail in Japan. The Front Gate is in the East Zoo area, while the children’s zoo and Shinobazu Pond are in the West Zoo area. In the East Zoo there is a five-story pagoda that was first built in 1631. The present pagoda building is a gift from Kan’ei-ji for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1958.

Ueno Zoo in tokyo panda
Ueno Zoo

5. Toshogu Shrine

Nikko Toshogu Temple in the Nikko mountain region is a Shinto shrine that was built to honor Tokugawa Ieyasu as the god Tosho Daigongen, the great god called “The source of light from the east”. It is worth noting that Tokugawa Ieyasu was the founder of the Tokugawa family who controlled almost all of Japan in 1600 to 1869. The temple, which was completed in 1617, is located in downtown Nikko, Tochigi, and entered into the UNESCO world heritage site from 1999. Area This temple originally consisted of only one mausoleum, but was enlarged by Ieyasu’s grandson Iemitsu in the 1650s, until now has a total of 55 buildings in the temple complex surrounded by beautiful gardens. Check out my visit to Nikko Toshogu Temple with its five-story pagoda and iconic Yomeimon gate.

The entire building at Toshogu Shrine was very neatly built. Carving details on poles, roofs, and walls of buildings are considered. Moreover, coupled with stairs and roads that were built to adjust to the contours of the hills in the city of Nikko. Many say, if the entire temple complex was built today, it would at least cost nearly 40 billion yen. This extraordinary number is not for the construction of a temple complex.

nikko toshogu temple people praying
Nikko Toshogu

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